Joy Everyday: Camilla Mickwitz
October 16th 2021 – April 24th 2022

The illustrator Camilla Mickwitz (1937-1989) is familiar to Finns particularly as the creator of the logo for the children’s programme Pikku Kakkonen. Her unique illustration style is simultaneously of its time and timelessly distinctive. The Moomin Museum winter exhibition will introduce Mickwitz’s most beloved characters Emilia, Jason and Mimosa the little witch, alongside the original Pikku Kakkonen logo.

Camilla Mickwitz was an exceptional visual communicator, whose images could carry a story. Her extensive body of work ranged from newspaper illustrations to children’s animations and book illustrations. Mickwitz visualised children’s experiences from their point of view in her lively, vivid imagery. In her books, Mickwitz took on sometimes difficult topical subjects such as immigration, environmental issues and gender equality.

Camilla Mickwitz (née Zilliacus) was born in Helsinki and spent a year as a child refugee in Sweden during World War II. She studied graphic design at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki and worked in advertising before a freelance career. Mickwitz illustrated TV animations, fact and picture books, and publications such as calendars, newspapers and magazines. She was accomplished in diverse media, creating her animations and books with a variety of techniques, from watercolours to photography.

The artworks in this exhibition are on loan from The Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature, a national expert organisation that has operated in Tampere since 1978. The institute maintains the only specialist library of children’s and youth literature in the country. The collection contains about 4000 original illustrations by Finnish children’s book illustrators.

© Camilla Mickwitz