Reading Room

Browse our library of Moomin books!

Take a seat and enjoy a quiet moment with one of Jansson’s books in the Moomin Museum Reading Room. In our Reading Room you will find Moomin books in nearly 30 languages, along with other books by and about Jansson. The collection features historical rarities and fresh copies of every new Moomin edition.

The Moomin books written and illustrated by Tove Jansson are a lasting source of fascination for adults and children alike. Take a seat in one of our reading nooks to enjoy Tove’s rare command of the pen, both as a writer and illustrator. You will find rarities such as Muumipeigoi da händytiähti!, the Karelian translation of Comet in Moominland.

All visitors are welcome to pop into the Reading Room any time that Tampere Hall is open. It is easy to visit in the main foyer. We do not lend out books, but you are welcome to buy copies of Jansson’s publications at the Tampere Hall Shop.

Photo: Iina Martiskainen

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Hemulen, Moominland Midwinter