Guided tours

Guided tours available by booking

If you want to learn more or add fun to your visit, book a guided tour of the Moomin Museum. We offer a variety of tours for adults and kids themed around the Moomin stories, the characters, and their warm, wise philosophy of life. Whether you want facts or laughs, you choose the style of your tour: informative, relaxing, or entertaining.

We have guided tours also for our temporary exhibitions.

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Max 25 participants.
  • Price 2024 (excluding tailored tours): €80 weekdays, €100 weekends (VAT 0%)
  • Museum admission not included in the price


Please book your guided tour at least one week in advance by contacting our sales team: or call +358 (0)3 243 4941.


Cancellations must be made at least five weekdays in advance. The full fee is payable for later cancellations.


Guided tour for teens and adults

We take an in-depth look at Tove Jansson’s twelve Moomin books and share interesting facts about her life and career as a writer and illustrator.

Combining literary and artistic analysis, we highlight intriguing details about the illustrations, share stories about the making of the tableaux, and interpret excerpts from the books. The tour paints a portrait of Tove Jansson as a gifted, insightful, and warm-hearted artist. Go deeper into the same theme by taking part in one of our workshops!

Fun tours for office get-togethers and other groups

The Moomin books are packed with recognizable character types, just like workplaces and other groups of acquaintances. Everyone has their own distinct personality traits and ways of reacting to situations.
Join us for a bit of fun by getting to know the Moomins. Do you have a colleague who loves rules and spreadsheets just like Hemulen? Or a workmate who is sensitive but friendly, just like Moomintroll? Do you know someone resourceful like Moominmamma, the rock everyone relies on when the going gets tough? There’s bound to be someone in your group who’s always eager to start a new (hair-brained) scheme like Moominpappa! After the tour, you might even recognize your own Moomin alter-ego!

  • Duration: 45 min
  • Price 2024: €90 weekdays, €120 weekends

Guided tour for kids

Where is Moominmamma? Is Snufkin asleep in his tent? How big is the comet hanging from the museum’s ceiling? This activity-packed tour takes kids on a fun adventure exploring the treasures of the Moomin Museum.
Meet familiar characters, make new friends, explore, and discover fun surprises!