Guided tours

Guided tours available by booking

If you want to learn more or add fun to your visit, book a guided tour of the Moomin Museum. We offer a variety of tours for adults and kids themed around Tove Jansson’s life, the Moomin stories, the characters, and their warm, wise philosophy of life. Whether you want facts or laughs, you choose the style of your tour: informative, relaxing, or entertaining.

We now have guided tours also for our temporary exhibition From Tove’s Bookshelf.

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Max 25 participants.
  • Price 2022 (excluding tailored tours): €70 weekdays, €80 weekends (VAT 0%)
  • Price 2023 (excluding tailored tours): €80 weekdays, €90 weekends (VAT 0%)
  • Museum admission not included in the price


Please book your guided tour at least one week in advance by contacting our sales team: or call +358 (0)3 243 4941.


Cancellations must be made at least two weekdays in advance. The full fee is payable for later cancellations.

For the German speaking visitors!

You can borrow a quide book in German and get deeper insight into the exhibition. We also offer guided tours in German. Please ask more from our sales team or call +358 (0)3 243 4941. Please book your guided tour at least one week in advance.


Guided tour for teens and adults

We take an in-depth look at Tove Jansson’s twelve Moomin books and share interesting facts about her life and career as a writer and illustrator.

Combining literary and artistic analysis, we highlight intriguing details about the illustrations, share stories about the making of the tableaux, and interpret excerpts from the books. The tour paints a portrait of Tove Jansson as a gifted, insightful, and warm-hearted artist. Go deeper into the same theme by taking part in one of our workshops!

Looking for a different kind of museum experience?

There’s great wisdom to be found in Tove Jansson’s books. A calming journey into the Moomin world offers a relaxing break from the busy pace of daily life, reminding us of the importance of mindfulness.

There are many relatable characters in the Moomin books. How did Moomintroll cope with the scary experience of waking up all alone in the middle of a cold, dark winter? What did Moominmamma discover during her lonely time at the lighthouse? How do the characters in November in Moominvalley find meaning in the midst of challenges? Find peace of mind by lying down on a mattress and listening to the wisdom of the Moomins and Tove’s secrets to a good life. No special preparation is required. The tour is suitable for visitors of all ages.

  • Duration: 90 min
  • Price: €160 weekdays, €180 weekends

Go deeper into the same theme by taking part in our Happy Place workshop!

Fun tours for office get-togethers and other groups

The Moomin books are packed with recognizable character types, just like workplaces and other groups of acquaintances. Everyone has their own distinct personality traits and ways of reacting to situations.
Join us for a bit of fun by getting to know the Moomins. Do you have a colleague who loves rules and spreadsheets just like Hemulen? Or a workmate who is sensitive but friendly, just like Moomintroll? Do you know someone resourceful like Moominmamma, the rock everyone relies on when the going gets tough? There’s bound to be someone in your group who’s always eager to start a new (hair-brained) scheme like Moominpappa! After the tour, you might even recognize your own Moomin alter-ego!

  • Duration: 45 min
  • Price 2022: €80 weekdays, €90 weekends
  • Price 2023: €90 weekdays, €100 weekends

For all fans of Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson (1914-2001) is one of Finland’s most beloved artists. She lived a rich, colourful life filled with art, affection, and creative accomplishment.

Although Tove is best known as the creator of the Moomins, the endearing trolls are only a small fragment of her creative legacy. This intimate tour tells the story of a gifted, uncompromising artist for whom the sea and islands were an enduring source of inspiration.

Guided tour for kids

Where is Moominmamma? Is Snufkin asleep in his tent? How big is the comet hanging from the museum’s ceiling? This activity-packed tour takes kids on a fun adventure exploring the treasures of the Moomin Museum.
Meet familiar characters, make new friends, explore, and discover fun surprises!

Tour to the “From Tove’s bookshelf” exhibition for adults

Tove Jansson loved reading books. She owned a great number of books, with which she lived her entire life. Books brought her joy, knowledge and an inspiration for her art, especially the Moomin books.

This guided tour explores Tove Jansson’s home library and investigates her favourite books in her childhood and her interests in literature and book art. Drawing was a natural form of communication for the artist, and Tove often added humorous illustrations to her correspondence. The exhibition introduces also books dedicated to her. Tove’s own books will also be examined as works of art through the book cover and ex libris.

If you are interested in making your own ex libris, the Ex libris engraving workshop can be booked for groups. Read here for more information of the workshop.

Tour to the “From Tove’s bookshelf” exhibition for children

During the tour we will find out which books and stories Tove read and loved and what was her favourite bedtime story.

Tove Jansson had a lot of books in her studio. One could find international classics of children’s literature, fantasy, adventure, fairy tales and folklore stories from different cultures.

A book is also a work of art. We will have a brief look at book art in book covers and ex libris, which is a book owner’s label adhered to a book.

  • Duration about 30 minutes.