Workshops at the Studio

Round out the perfect Moomin-themed day by booking a guided workshop at our Studio. Both adults and children are welcome to drop in and do some crafting in a relaxed, creative atmosphere. We offer a variety of inspiring workshops for all kinds of groups, and instruction can be arranged in various languages. You can mix and match any of our guided tours and workshops.

  • Duration: about 45 min
  • Max 25 people
  • Price: €100 weekdays, €110 weekends (including materials)
  • The fee does not include museum admission. VAT 0%.


Book your workshop at least one week in advance by contacting our sales team: or call +358 (0)3 243 4941.


Cancellations must be made at least five working days in advance. The full fee is payable for later cancellations.
The studio cannot be booked during school holidays (weeks 42, 52-1, 7-9).


Ink drawing workshop

Tove Jansson both wrote and illustrated the widely loved Moomin books. In this workshop, we invite you to try the techniques and materials she used in her illustrations.
Most of Tove’s illustrations are small-scale ink drawings. Look closely and see how brilliantly she handled the ink. How good are you at drawing with an old-fashioned ink pen? How do the ink and brush react to different kinds of paper? Join our guided workshop and create your own Moomin character – or draw whatever you like. Let your pen flow!

Gouache painting workshop

Tove Jansson painted the beautiful covers of the Moomin books in gouache paints. Her cover paintings set the tone of the story and introduce the characters in the book.
The cover is our first impression. It not only protects the book’s contents, but also invites us to peek inside. What makes a good cover in your opinion? Tove painted many different covers for new editions and language versions of her books. Join our workshop and discover more about her book covers and her vibrant use of gouache paints. Create a new cover for a familiar Moomin book or draw one for your own autobiography!

Comic art workshop

Visit our studio and learn more about the art of telling stories through comic art. The Moomins made their international breakthrough in the fifties, when Moomin strips appeared in over 200 publications around the world. Over the decades, Tove drew thousands of them.
By joining our comic art workshop, you can learn more about Tove’s storytelling genius and draw your own strip with help from our instructors. No prior experience is needed; all you need is a story. Experienced artists can start with a blank sheet, but beginners are welcome to use our readymade templates. Adults are welcome – after all, Tove’s comic strips were originally targeted at adult audiences.

Finding calm workshop

The ability to find calm is important in today’s frantic world. Many of us have a happy place we like to visit in our mind to help us relax, usually somewhere in nature. The Moomins, too, love their dear valley, woods, and sea. Tove drew many landscapes for the Moomin books, and she especially loved seascapes. Join our meditational workshop and discover more about Tove’s world and ink drawing techniques. Join us and draw your happy place. Visiting your happy place in your mind can help calm you and shut out stress. You’ll leave our workshop with a picture of your happy place that you can revisit whenever you want.

Engraving workshop

Ex libris, aka a bookplate, is a piece of printed paper adhered inside the front cover of a book to indicate the owner of the book. Ex libris usually bears the name of its owner, a text “Ex Libris” and pictures or symbols to visualize the personality of the owner.

Tove Jansson designed several ex libris for herself. One of them is full of symbolic images indicating her interests and personality, while another is much more subdued and simplified image of the sea. Her ex libris were created with a linocut technique, a printmaking technique using an engraved linoleum plate.

In our Ex libris engraving workshop you can create your own ex libris using a similar technique with softcut engraving plate instead of linoleum. The workshop is suitable also for all ages. Design, draw, engrave and print, and you will have your own ex libris. Then you just need to decide which book you will personalize with your own ex libris.

  • Duration: about 60 min
  • Max 16 people