All visitors are equally welcome to the Moomin Museum. Our personnel is happy to assist you in the museum and answer your questions. You will recognize the personnel of the green coats.

An easily accessible ramp starts from the right side of the main door of Tampere Hall. There is an automatic opening button on the main door.

When arriving in the building, the ticket desk is on your left side. On the floor there is a queue ticket machine, where you can take a ticket either for Moomin Museum admission or other tickets. Also the Shop serves from the same desk.

You will find the museum door further on the main lobby, on the right by a green column. Show the barcode of your ticket to the barcode reader and the door opens automatically.

Disabled persons’ personal assistants and interpreters have free admission to the Moomin Museum.

Moomin Museum’s own cloakroom is in the main lobby on the right, on the left side of the Tampere Hall’s cloakroom. Moomin Museum’s cloakroom is free and unattended. Beside the racks with hangers there are free safety deposit boxes, that work with one euro coins. The cloakroom has self-service.

Please leave umbrellas, backpacks, large bags and wet coats in the cloakroom. This helps us protect the works of art. When you turn, a bag or backpack might accidentally hit a work of art. Please also leave any drinks and snacks in the cloakroom. If you need a drinking bottle for your museum visit for health reasons, consult the staff. You can also use Tampere Hall’s chargeable cloakroom when it is open.

There is a place for prams in the lobby area near the cloakroom. However, you are allowed to take prams into the museum.

You can borrow a wheelchair for your visit. Please contact Tampere Hall extension (tel. +358 (0)3 243 4111 or and book the wheelchair in advance.

The Moomin Museum has two floors. You will arrive in the upper floor. There is a man lift and two stairs to the lower floor.

In the main lobby of Tampere Hall there is a lift, that takes you to the restaurant Tuhto.

Tampere Hall Shop is situated in the main lobby by the ticket desk.

Tampere Hall has disabled toilets on main lobby and on the ground floor (accessible by a lift). Most of the restrooms are designed to accommodate children as well. There is no toilet in the Moomin Museum. The museum ticket is valid for 6 hours and you can pop out and come back again.

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome at the Moomin Museum.

You can borrow a guidebook in plain Finnish and in other languages. You will find the books when arriving in the museum.

There are tens of threedimensional Moomin tableaux in the museum. By the tableaux you can listen to extracts of Moomin books in different languages. There is also an ambient soundscape in the museum.