A celebration of light and shadow – Join us in bidding farewell to midwinter at the Moomin Museum

In Tove Jansson’s book Moominland Midwinter, the creatures of forest light a giant bonfire to make the darkness go away and to welcome the sun back to the sky. As the creatures beat their drums and lose themselves in a wild frenzy of dance and revelry, their tufted, tailed and horned forms cast swaying, swirling shadows in the snow.

The Moomin Museum, too, is celebrating the return of the sun by playing with shadows. Come and enjoy the magic of shadow puppetry in our nonstop Studio workshop, where you can cut out silhouettes and create your own never-before-seen characters and stories. What kind of shadow will you cast under our party lights? Will you look like your normal lovely self, or will the full moon transform you into someone else?    During the school holidays from February 18 to March 5, 2023, our guided non-stop workshop will be open all day whenever the museum is open. Workshops are included in the price of admission.   Public guided tours will be organized every day whenever the museum is open between February 18 and March 5, at 11.00 am in Finnish and at 1.00 pm in English.   Come and marvel at the play of light and shadow captured in Jansson’s original Moominland Midwinter illustrations at our museum, and also don’t miss the Moomins and the Magic of Winter exhibition on display at the Light Gallery in downtown Tampere until March 12. The illuminations will be display after dark every evening until 11.00 pm.



Text: Mari Liimatainen
Photos: Maija Keränen