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Tilda Rose creates new fairy-tale worlds as the resident guest of the Moomin Museum

The Moomin Museum takes pleasure in hosting the Finnish-American illustrator Tilda Rose as its resident guest artist in Tampere this November. During her residency, Rose will work in the Moomin Museum’s Studio and reside on the grounds of Haihara Manor. Now organised for the second time, the residency is intended for professional illustrators and organised jointly by the Moomin Museum and the Finnish Illustration Association.

On the trail of mysterious critters during the autumn holidays

Creepy-crawlies and mysterious creatures are taking over the Moomin Museum during the autumn holidays.

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Moomin Museum's 5th Anniversary

The world's only Moomin Museum is already five years old as it was opened on 17th June 2017. The anniversary will be celebrated with free admission on Friday, 17th June 2022.

Silent afternoons in the Moomin Museum

For those who would like to enjoy the museum in a peaceful environment.

Tilda Rose is the next artist-in-residence!

Congratulations to Tilda Rose, the next Finnish Illustration Association and Moomin Museum artist-in-residence!

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Colourful winter holiday in Moomin Museum 19.2.-6.3.2022

Winter holiday will be full of colours and fun for the whole family, inspired by the books of Camilla Mickwitz. The programme is included in the admission fee.

Pentti Eistola 1931–2022 - ”Building the big house was so much fun!”

Dr. Pentti Eistola died in Helsinki on the 11th of January 2022. His creative touch can be seen by everyone who visits the Moomin Museum.

COVID restrictions until 4 Febrary 2022

The Moomin Museum is open normally up to 4 February 2022 but the number of visitors is being restricted to 10 persons per exhibition space. All events have been cancelled until 4 February 2022, including free admission on 28 January.

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