New Moomin 2017 wall calendar available now!

The Moomin 2017 wall calendar presents all twelve Moomin books written and illustrated by Tove Jansson from the years 1945–1977. Original versions of the calendar’s illustrations will be on display in the new, unique Moomin Museum which will open in Tampere Hall on 17 June 2017.

The calendar has been carried out as a collaborative project: the idea formed at Tampere Art Museum, the illustrations are from the collection of the Tampere Art Museum Moominvalley, the cover pictures of the Finnish books are from WSOY and the calendar was compiled by Putinki Oy. The unique Moomin calendar for 2017 is already on sale in the shop of Tampere Art Museum and in the Tampere Hall Shop opened in November 2016. It’s a great gift idea for Moomin lovers!