Full Moon Festival during school holidays

Mimosa-kirjan hahmot juhlivat täysikuun alla

Emilia, Jason and Mimosa, the familiar characters created by the illustration artist Camilla Mickwitz (1937─1989), are visiting the Moomin Museum Observatory this winter.

During the autumn school holidays the main character is Mimosa, the little witch who darts around a fantasy world on her tiny broom. Come and enjoy the world of Mimosa and make yourself a basic kit of witch equipment: a broom, a spell, a cat and a self-portrait.

The illustrator Camilla Mickwitz (1937-1989) is familiar to Finns particularly as the creator of the logo for the children’s programme Pikku Kakkonen. Her unique illustration style is simultaneously of its time and timelessly distinctive. The Moomin Museum winter exhibition will introduce Mickwitz’s most beloved characters Emilia, Jason and Mimosa the little witch, alongside the original Pikku Kakkonen logo.

Mimosa lives on Devil Mountain with her mother Nutmeg. Mimosa is the only child there, and she plays with crows, chicks and bunnies. The best birthday is the one when Mimosa turns into a real witch and gets her own cat, broom and a coffee pot. The most fun thing is to fly with all the other witches during the Full Moon Festival.

The October full moon falls on the 20th, right in the middle of autumn holidays! The Moomin Museum celebrates the Full Moon Festival the whole week. You can draw your portrait as a witch, inspired by the vivid colours of the Mimosa illustrations. After that you can make your own tiny broom, craft a miniature cat and write a spell. When your witch kit is done, you’re ready to fly off into the skies!

The four guided workshops have been scattered around the whole museum and they are open 16.-24.10. according the museum’s opening hours. The workshops are included in the admission.

The new exhibition in the Observatory, Joy Everyday: Camilla Mickwitz, is open 16.10.2021 – 24.4.2022.