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School groups

Currently, the Moomin Museum is unfortunately unable to receive school groups due to the corona situation.




The Moomin Museum invites visitors of all ages to come and learn, have fun, and be inspired!
We want to ensure that all our visitors feel safe during their visit to our museum. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently admitting only one group at a time. All group visits must be booked in advance, even if you choose not to book a tour or workshop.
Read on for a summary of our offering for school groups from pre-schoolers to secondary students. If you are looking for further details on exhibitions, tours, and prices, please follow the links provided. Your group is welcome to visit the museum independently, but to enrich the experience we recommend that you book a tour and/or hands-on workshop designed especially for your age group. Make the most of your visit by checking out our tours and workshops and selecting the package that suits your special interests!



Children (3–17) €6
Adults €13
Teachers and group leaders €0
Discounts for groups of 40+.
Free year-round admission for Tampere-based pre-schoolers and primary and secondary students.
Free admission for pre-schoolers and primary and secondary students from Pirkanmaa Province (except May-July).


There are two exhibitions on show at the Moomin Museum. What Happens Next? is our colourful permanent exhibition, which retells the story of the twelve Moomin books alongside a parallel narrative about Tove and her writing and illustrating career.
Marking the 75th anniversary of the first Moomin book, we are now hosting The Moomins and the Sea, our temporary exhibition in the Observatory. The show takes a deep dive into the world of the Moomins, Tove, and the sea, and it forms part of the #OurSea campaign protecting the Baltic Sea.

Guided tours

Tailored tours for various age groups can be booked for both our exhibitions. We adjust our approach to suit the age and special needs of each group, and we like to encourage open dialogue and plenty of interaction.
For teens and adults, you have a choice between two themed tours of the permanent exhibition: The Story of the Moomin Books and Tove, Life and Art, a biographical review of Tove Jansson’s life. Tove and the Sea is a tour of the temporary exhibition that takes an in-depth look at the meaning of the sea in Tove’s life. For kids, there are two themed tours of the permanent exhibition: Adventure with the Moomins and Moomintroll is the Best!, a special tour marking the 75th anniversary of the first Moomin book. Moomintroll and the Sea is a tour of the temporary exhibition during which we chat about the importance of the sea, lakes, and natural waters to everyone present, including Moomintroll!
Our tours last approximately 45 minutes and cost €40 (for pre-schoolers and primary and secondary students). The maximum group size is 25. For further details about our tours, please read on here.


Our Studio activities are inspired by Tove’s amazingly diverse creative career. Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, everyone is invited to try out new arts and crafts: no prior skills are required. At the end of the workshop, you get to take along your creations – and ideally a spark of inspiration to continue experimenting at home.
Due to the pandemic, we are currently offering a limited range of workshops. From Tove’s Pen is a drawing workshop focusing on the basics: white paper and black ink. Draw Your Own Strip offers an introduction to Tove’s comics and inspires participants to create their own comic strips. The Gouache Book Cover Workshop offers a colourful dive into the special art of painting book covers. All the above workshops are suitable for participants of all ages, in addition to which we offer a special Make Your Own Party Decorations workshop just for kids, where we celebrate Moomintroll and everyone goes home waving their own self-made party flags!
The workshops last approximately 45 minutes and cost €40 (for pre-schoolers and primary and secondary students). The maximum group size is 25. For further details about our workshops, please read here.


You can conveniently book your visit on online. Click the link below to access the calendar, where you can book visits, guided tours, and workshops for pre-schoolers and primary and secondary students.


School excursion bookings is out of use for now


If you require further information or your group is larger than 30 and/or has special needs (such as a non-standard language preference), you can reach us by phone or email:

Moomin Museum teacher hotline:
tue–wed 9–10 am and thur–fri 12–13 pm
040 518 2878

Moomin Museum teacher mail:


If your group would like to grab a snack or meal during your visit, please contact our sales team at or 03 243 4941. We also serve a special Moomin-inspired menu!

School excursions

The Moomin Museum is an ideal destination for a school excursion, offering fun, education, insight, and laughter all in one colourful package! Come this autumn and choose the tour and workshop that your group finds most interesting or wait until we release our super-special spring school excursion programme coming out in January!
Admission children (aged 3–17) €6, adults €13, teachers/assistants €0
Excursion tours on weekdays €70, weekends €80
Excursion tour + workshop on weekdays €110, weekends €120
Book your school excursion at Please also use this address for meal-related inquiries and bookings.

For your safety

We currently admit only one group at a time, so even if you choose to visit the museum without a tour or workshop, you still need to book in advance. We kindly request that you show up on time and wash and sanitize your hands before your visit. We also recommend wearing a face mask. We make sure that our visitors keep a safe distance and we observe a strict hygiene policy. All our personnel wear masks or visors. All tools used in workshops are disinfected after each group. All surfaces in the museum have been treated with a special virus- and bacteria-killing nanocoating.

Cancellations policy

Booked tours and workshops can be cancelled free of charge no later than two days in advance. Meal cancellations must be made at least 7 days in advance. We charge the full cost for later cancellations.
We charge a processing fee of €4 per invoice.
Admission, guided tours and workshops are VAT-exempt.