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Parties at the Moomin Museum

Moominvalley loves to party – and so does the Moomin Museum!

The Moomin books are packed with many exciting adventures – and most of them conclude with a wild and wonderful party! The residents of Moominvalley gather around a groaning table and dance the night away, often staying up until sunrise. Book your own party at the Moomin Museum by contacting our sales team: Please book at least two weeks in advance.

Parties for children


When you celebrate your birthday at the Moomin Museum, you and your guests are taken on an exciting adventure with the magical Hobgoblin! Who knows, he might need some help solving a mystery! The Hobgoblin has lost his giant ruby – can you help him find it? Follow the clues and join the Hobgoblin on a quest to recover his missing treasure.

After the Hobgoblin’s adventure tour, the party continues in the Moomin Museum Studio with a guided Party decoration -workshop. Light the lanterns and let the fanfares begin! The Studio is in festive spirits! Everybody can make their own decorative flag or party bunting! One can be made for a birthday hero,  Moomintroll or anyone who feels worthy a great party bunting!

Duration: 2 hours, including tour of the exhibition, workshop and party treats (please book in advance). You are welcome to bring gifts to the Studio and open them after the meal or workshop.


Party menu:
Pancakes and jam
Crudité platter and dip
Moomin treats
Raspberry juice

Price €10 / head.

The cost of the activity-packed Hobgoblin party package + workshop is €160 weekdays and €180 weekends + admission.
Maximum 12 participants (+2 adults free of charge).

Tickets, guided tour and workshop 0% VAT.


Parties for adults



When someone throws a party in Moominvalley, everyone is invited, from the tiniest creatures to Grandpa Grumble and Fillyjonk – and naturally the entire Moomin clan! So when the Moomin Museum hosts a party, grown-ups are invited too!

Have a laugh on a fun tour of the exhibition where we compare members of your group with different characters from the Moomin stories. Many of us can relate to a particular character and can recognize certain familiar Moomin-like features in people we know. Who is the neurotic Fillyjonk in your group, and who is straight-talking Little My? Who know everybody’s business like the Hemulen, who loves solitude like Snufkin, and who is like the inquisitive and kind-hearted Moomintroll?

After the tour, your group is welcome to continue the fun with a glass of bubbly either in our Studio or Tuhto restaurant.

If you wish, you can follow the tour with a guided workshop. You´ll find the options from here and choose one you like. All the workshops are suitable for the party mood!


Museum tour for adults weekdays 80 € / weekends 90 € + admission
Workshops weekdays 100€ / weekends 110€ + admission
Maximum 20 adult participants

Duration of the our: 45 min
Duration of the workshop: 45 min

Tickets, guided tour and workshop 0% VAT.