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Guided tours and workshops


Feel free to explore the Moomin Museum at your own pace. There are numerous info panels and screens next to the exhibits.

We also offer guided tours for groups, taking visitors on a lively, interactive journey into world of Tove Jansson and the Moomin stories. The tours are tailored for specific age groups. Only museum’s own guides are allowed to guide in the Moomin Museum.



Guided tour for kids

This hands-on tour takes kids on an adventure exploring the gems of the Moomin Museum, introducing familiar characters, new friends and fun surprises!

Duration: 45 min
Cost per group: 70 € weekdays, 80 € weekends



Guided tour for teens and adults

Discuss, discover and explore the exhibits on this hands-on guided tour for mature visitors. The tour provides in-depth information, expert commentary and dialogue about Tove Jansson and her beloved Moomin books.

Duration: 45 min
Cost per group: 70 € weekdays, 80 € weekends



Looking for a different kind of museum experience?

There is great wisdom in Tove Jansson’s Moomin books. A calming journey into the world of the Moomins is a welcome break from the busy pace of our daily lives, reminding us of the importance of presence and mindfulness. How did Moomintroll survive the challenge of waking up all alone, scared and lonely, in the middle of a cold, snowy winter? And how did Moominmamma rediscover her joy after a miserable, lonely time on a deserted island? November in Moominvalley, too, is a time for finding meaningfulness in the face of challenges. Join us in search of serenity and relaxation. Lie down on a matress, cosy up under a blanket, and listen to the wisdom found in the Moomin books for finding peace and leading a good life. You don´t have to be specially prepared for the tour and it is suitable for all visitors.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Cost per group: 160 € weekdays, 180 € weekends

After the tour, you are welcome to continue reflecting the same theme by booking yourself a Mindscape workshop.



Fun tours for office get-togethers and other groups

The Moomin books are packed with all sorts of characters – just like workplaces. Everyone has their own unique personality, character traits, and ways of reacting to situations. Join us for a bit of fun and get to know the Moomin characters better – and who knows? Perhaps you have a colleague who loves rules and spreadsheets just like Hemulen, or a workmate who is sensitive yet friendly with everyone, just like Moomintroll. Resourceful, reliable Moominmamma is the rock everyone depends upon when the going gets tough. And there’s bound to be at least one Moominpappa in your group – the kind of character who is always enthusiastic about (his own hair-brained) projects just like Moominpappa is! After the tour, you might just recognize your own Moomin alter-ego too!

Duration: 45 min
Cost per group: 80 € weekdays, 90 € weekends



Tove Jansson (1914–2001) is one of Finland’s most beloved artists. She lived a rich, colourful life filled with countless creative projects, art and love. Although she is best known as the creator of the Moomins, the endearing trolls were only a fragment of her wide creative output. This warm, intimate tour tells the story of a multi-gifted and uncompromising artist for whom the Finnish archipelago was a lasting source of inspiration.

Duration: 45 min
Cost per group: 70 € weekdays, 80 € weekends


Please book your tour at least one week prior to your visit. Kindly contact or +358 3 243 4111.
Tickets are not included in the price of the tour.
Bookings may be cancelled or changed without penalty 2 working days or more before the booked time.


The Studio´s daily nonstop workshop is closed for now.  Guided workshops are only available for groups. Choose the theme from one of the options below.



Tove Jansson wrote and illustrated all the beloved Moomin books. Most of her illustrations are ink drawings executed in varied techniques. Look closely and you can see just how brilliant she was in her treatment of line! The Moomin Museum invites you to experiment with the same techniques and materials as Tove used in her illustrations. What kind of effects can you create with an old-fashioned ink pen? How do inks and brushes react on different kinds of paper? Join our guided workshop and draw your own Moomin character – or anything else you like. Let the ideas flow freely from your pen!



Tove Jansson’s Moomin books have been translated into over 50 languages. During her international breakthrough in the 1950s, the Moomin strips were published in over 200 periodicals around the world. By joining the Moomin Museum’s comic strip workshop, you can learn more about her narrative genius and try your hand at drawing your own strip with guidance from an experienced instructor. No prior experience is needed: all you need is a good story. Experienced strip artists can start with a blank sheet, but beginners might prefer to use a ready Moomin strip template. The workshops are ideal for adults – after all, Tove’s comic strips were originally targeted at adult audiences.



Tove Jansson painted the beautiful covers of her Moomin books in gouache paints. The cover images set up the storyline, mood, or characters portrayed in each book. She often painted numerous different covers for new editions and language versions of the same book. She also did cover illustrations for other books and magazines. The cover is our first impression of a book. Its task is both to protect the book and invite us to peek inside. What makes a good book cover in your opinion? Join our workshop and discover more about Tove’s illustration techniques and her use of vibrantly pigmented gouache paints. You can design a new cover for a familiar Moomin book or even draw a cover for your own autobiography!



In today’s busy world, it’s important for all of us to occasionally relax and reconnect with ourselves. Most of us have a special spot where our mind can rest, usually by spending time in nature. The Moomins, too, love spending time in nature in their beloved valley, both in the woods and by the sea. Tove Jansson drew a large number of landscapes for her Moomin books, particularly seascapes, which were especially dear to her. Join our workshop and learn more about Tove’s inner landscapes and ink drawing techniques. We invite you to draw a soothing, personal landscape that calms your mind. Just thinking about your special place can help to alleviate stress, and focusing on the act of drawing can help to shut out the pressures of the outside world. You’ll leave our workshop with your very own meditational mindscape that you can return to whenever you need to reconnect and unwind.



Light the lanterns and let the fanfares begin! The Moomin Museum’s Studio is in festive spirits! Join in and make your own decorative flag or party bunting! Dedicate your beautiful flag to Moomintroll or anyone you especially want to celebrate!


Please book your workshop at least one week prior to your visit. Kindly contact or +358 3 243 4111.
Tickets are not included in the price of the workshop.
Bookings may be cancelled or changed without penalty 2 working days or more before the booked time.