The Moomin Museum closes 22.3. - 16.4.2021 for permanent exhibition rotation

The Moomin Museum permanent exhibition What Happens Next? is being renewed in spring 2021. All the works on paper on display will be replaced and the temporary exhibition space Observatory will be extended. The Museum closes for the works 22.3.-16.4.21.

The Moomin Museum is built around the collection of Moomin art donated by the artist and writer Tove Jansson (1914-2001). Most of the objects in the collection are works on paper, which have a limited display time as they can be damaged by prolonged light exposure. While the paper works will be replaced with other illustrations from the collection, the exhibition narrative will not change. The atmospheric three-dimensional tableaux remain in place, with the exception of a couple of the most fragile requiring conservation work.

During the closure, the Observatory will be extended to create a larger space for temporary exhibitions. In 2021, the Moomin Museum is exhibiting illustration art by Ilon Wikland (b. 1930) and Camilla Mickwitz (1937-1989). Ilon Wikland’s art has enchanted the readers of Astrid Lindgren books around the world. Camilla Mickwitz is known particularly for creating the identity for the children’s programme Pikku Kakkonen.

The Moomin Museum is still the place where you can immerse yourself in the Moomin adventures, from Midsummer madness and the great flood to the mysteries of the lighthouse island.