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The Moomin Museum’s Studio lets you unleash your inner artist! The Studio provides a workspace where museum visitors can get creative in free-form sessions and guided workshops every day from noon to 4pm (except some private events). All visitors are welcome to drop in and get arty! The workshops vary in content and theme, ranging from art-making and crafts to community projects.


DIY Moominvalley – Make your own animation!

When you’re relaxing on the sofa watching the Moomins on TV, you rarely tend to think about how animations are actually made. Thousands of transparencies were drawn for the famous Moomin animation series. The characters in the early Polish cut-out animations, The Moomins, were crafted from pieces of felt and cloth, and the latest series, Moominvalley, is entirely computer-animated. All have one thing in common, however: each series was created by top professionals using the latest available technology.
Luckily there are easier ways of going about it! Join us in the Moomin Museum Studio and try making your own stop-motion animation! You are the director: your animation can be about the Moomins or anything else that grabs your fancy.

(Please note that the space is occasionally booked for private groups)


Workshops for groups

If you would like to book a guided workshop for your group, please contact our sales team: or 03 243 4111.

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